Kampungstay Desa Murni was the first Homestay in Malaysia that start with ten families houses and this programme has been established on 1995 registered with Ministry of Tourism, Art & Culture Malaysia. This program is an initiative under a rural tourism master plan that aims to increase engagement and the participation of rural communities in tourism sector.
The growth of this programme can be seen on 2005 with the increases of homestay family as many as 40 families. In line with that homestay community hall has been built on 2008 and the growth of Kampungstay keep developing until now. This is the prime example of how the government and society as well the private sector can work together in the long run towards the future economic and social which can give benefits to all.
Kampungstay Desa Murni has adopted commercial strategies to optimize economic, social, and environmental well-being improvements especially among the low-income which is B40, villagers and local community. Our organization has implemented a few programs and initiatives in order to succeed in our social enterprise.
Basically, Kampungstay Desa Murni’s target beneficiaries are the local community around Temerloh which are entrepreneurs who provide products or services needed for our organization. By collaborating with their companies, we can help them to improve their business development at the same time promote their products and give benefits to our organization. With that, we have boosting micro and small industries such as F&B, caterer, community product, farmer, entertainment organizer, boat owner, local tour guide, and transportation.
Besides that, Kampungstay Desa Murni has promoting rural community living life to the tourist by organizing the Homestay program where the tourist stay with registered host family so they can interact and experience living life of rural community.
From here we have sold the experience to stay in Malay family. The tourist will become part of the family & learn ways of life. Tourists come to bring and share happiness with rural families. They also bring extra income to us. In line with that, we also promote agriculture products in the community that already there such as coconut farming, rubber farm, palm oil farm, and fruits farm.





1. Background of your target beneficiaries?
Our target beneficiaries are local community around Temerloh which are entrepreneurs those provides products or services needed at our organisation. By collaborating with their companies, we can help them to improve their business development at the same time promote their products.

2. What is the impact that you aimed to create?
We aimed to create more job opportunities, develop the local product market and help the local community to improve their living standard.

3. Kindly elaborate more on your business model.
Kampungstay Desa Murni provides part time job and accept university students to have industrial training here. Most of the workers here are from these villagers where we provides employment which help to decrease the unemployment among this community area. Other than that, this organisation also taking supplies from local suppliers such as catering services, household goods and also give opportunities for outsiders to organize any program or event at our organization such as swimming class, bakery class and others. At the same time we sells product from local entrepreneurs which give them a lot of benefits that help them to promote their business for tourism purpose and generate their income.